How to Style Up For Holiday Party

How to Style Up For Holiday Party

The holiday season is in full swing! From sharing gifts to rocking parties there is everything to have fun, enjoy, and love this time.

Party halls are already decking up with creative and pleasing décor. It’s time for you to dress up and look stunning at the holiday party. This article will guide you how to style up for a holiday party and grab everyone’s attention.

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Glitters – Your Best Buddy

Heading to a party and thinking of beautifying yourself up with sparkly dresses or sequins? Be it a formal or informal party, glittery dress will help you get that desired party look. Become a statement by pairing your outfit with a modern hairstyle, trendy footwear, and matching earrings. The right combo will help you create a timeless look.

Though glittery dresses are never a wrong choice, you need to take care you are not over dressing as per the occasion. Let’s say it’s a less formal event, like partying with friends or in college. Here, you can go with the more sparkly dress. But if it’s more formal, like an office party, it would be better to go with less or minimal glitters. A little glitter will surely make you look gorgeous.

Traditional and Elegant

When you are planning to host a party at home or going to attend a family party, you can opt for something different. How about creating a fusion by adding some traditional things to your dressing? The Indo-western style will surely raise eyes when you step in the party. You can style your ensemble creatively with Phulkari dupatta. However, if you are staying in colder regions, then beat the cold while styling yourself up with shawls.

Draping dupatta or shawl in a jacket or some other style on your simple dress will surely make you look graceful at the holiday party. You can also experiment your looks with a saree.

Silky or Velvety Touch

Special events surely call for some more special dressings. Luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet are surely a “yes” for a holiday party. You can go with a cashmere or silk top with matching trousers. The casual yet smart look will not only keep you in comfort but will also bring cheer to your holiday celebration. To dress up more stylishly you can go a notch up by choosing a velvety party dress. It will be perfect for the winter party.

Do you want to dress up instantly in a party-worthy dress? Here also velvet blazers can help you get that desired look, especially for formal parties.

Faux Fur – Fluffy Short Coats

Cold outside? Faux fur coats will be the perfect pick for this season. Just add it in your dressing and your outfit will become party-ready in no time. What can be a better way than this to keep yourself cosy while looking stylish at the same time.

Winters don’t mean you need to restrict yourself from partying. Winter dressing is really fun. You just need to choose your outfit wisely, and you are all set to step out and party in the winters too.

Key Takeaway

Be it a casual, formal, or less-formal holiday party, select the right fabric as per the occasion and most importantly dress up comfortable. You can go with any style; from bold colours or outfit, to creating a fusion with Indo-western style or going with traditional outfit. The key to look confident and well-dressed is to select the outfit you feel comfortable in. Also, remember to pair it appropriately with matching accessories, footwear, and hairstyle too.

Give yourself the spectacular look in your selected best outfit and be ready to be showered with compliments at your holiday party!

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