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No matter where you are in the world, we will let you experience the beauty of traditional clothing with our online store. We bring authentic and stylish pieces of Punjab right at your doorsteps. At Yellow Cart, we not only make you available with Indian Clothing in Australia but also accessories, handmade products and even Punjabi and Hindi Learning Books for kids.

Be it Indian festivals like Diwali, EID, Vaisakhi, etc., or Indian clothing, it is increasingly becoming popular all over the world. Not only Indians living abroad want to dress themselves up in the ethnic Indian clothing or accessories, even foreigners are seen in Indian attire these days.

Whether you are going to attend a Punjabi wedding or function or want to give your Sikh outfit the perfect finishing touch, reach out to us. We will elevate your dressing style with our authentic and traditional accessories, and let you embrace the tradition with the Phulkari dupattas, shawls, and high-quality traditional patkas. These are perfect for any special occasion.

Browse our collection and buy Punjabi wedding accessories, phulkari dupatta, shawls, and Sikh patkas to add a touch of elegance to your dressing and become a style statement.

You also see women embracing bangles, earrings, necklaces, etc., on traditional functions. If you are also fond of accessories, our store won’t let you go unhappy. We have stylish, trendy, and high-quality handmade accessories for you and even for kids. So along with Indian clothing in Australia you can also shop for kids bracelets, or handmade earrings and sets, and even beautiful and colourful Prandas for yourself.

Buy engaging Hindi and Punjabi books for kids today - Yellow Cart

When you are wrapping yourself in vibrant hues and make heads turn at the occasion, why let your kids stay behind from connecting with their roots? Let them explore the colourful world of Punjabi and Hindi language with our diverse collection of engaging and educational books. Buy Hindi and Punjabi books for kids to expand their cultural horizons.


Are the patkas also available for females?

Yes, the traditional patkas at Yellow Cart are designed for both Sikh males and females. These are available at our store in different sizes. You can get the size that suits you.

Which cloth material patkas are offered?

The Sikh patkas available in different sizes at our store are of a Rubia cloth material. For extra strength, the patkas are double stitched with 4 strings.

Can I let my kid learn Punjabi language at home?

Yes, you can let your little one learn the language with the books offered in our store. You can easily make them read and write the Punjabi language with our practice books.

What are different phulkari designs?

You can buy phulkari with border, latkan, pom pom, mirror work, bride and groom designs, peacock designs, velvet phulkari and various other designs. You can explore our collection to view all the designs.

What is special about Pashmina shawls?

Pashmina shawls are spun from fine quality cashmere wool (obtained from goats). Wool from approx. three goats are used to weave one Pashmina shawl that makes it extremely warm. It is an extremely thin shawl.

Handmade corner - For craft enthusiasts and lovers of handmade products

Yellow Cart also has something for the lovers of handmade products. Along with handmade bracelets, earrings and sets, we also have bookmarks for book lovers, beautifully crafted embroidered tea coasters for you to gift to your near and dear ones. Explore our website to get the best pieces at highly affordable prices for yourself.