Introduce Your Kids to Your Mother Tongue with Our Range Of Punjabi and Hindi Learning Books for Beginners, Available to Buy Online Now – Yellow Cart

Have you tried hard in making your kids learn or make them read Punjabi and Hindi while living abroad? Well, don’t get disheartened as we have interactive books to help you. What can be a more interesting way to make your kids learn writing while reading the language books? Buy Punjabi and Hindi reading books for kids to make them well versed with the language alphabets while living in Australia. Not only they will learn the alphabets, but the books will also make them understand the sound of the word. Moreover, some of our Punjabi and Hindi reading books also let the learners understand the formation of the words step by step. So it helps them write it and also read the lines associated with the connected alphabet word.

When they get well-versed with the alphabets, they can try speaking in Punjabi and Hindi and converse properly with your Punjabi and Hindi speaking relatives. It allows them to get connected to your lively community and rich cultural heritage. Once your kids get well-versed with the language, they will be able to understand and enjoy the folk songs. It will help them understand the traditions and customs easily and they feel more connected to your culture and vibrant festivals.

As your kids are born and brought up in Australia, it’s natural for them to catch the English words more quickly. So to make it easier for them our books also contain the translated sounds of the alphabets in English for them. Thus the beginner can learn the sound of the word even on their own without anyone’s help. In our interactive books, the colourful images accompanying the letter make kids read and learn Punjabi and Hindi workbook with great interest. Once the learner finishes the complete workbook, they will be able to speak like your native people of Punjab.

Buy Punjabi and Hindi alphabet books for kids now and let them explore the alphabets and their sounds in an interactive manner. Your kids will find learning new languages more enjoyable from our offered books. Not only kids but our books make learning and reading effortless even for grownups. So, anyone who is willing to learn read and speak Punjabi and Hindi can buy books from us. Our books will make your learning journey smooth and quick.