How to Select Right Earrings Matching Your Outfit

How to Select Right Earrings Matching Your Outfit

You selected the most stunning outfit for an outing or formal or casual party!

But are you getting confused while selecting the matching earrings?

Worry not! We are here to help you in completing your looks by letting you wear the right earrings that uplift your looks. Read on to learn how to select right earrings matching your outfit.

Select Right Earrings Matching Your Outfit

While selecting the stylish or handmade jewellery earrings, you need to consider certain things to make yourself stand out from the rest. Here are some things to consider.

1. Outfit Style

Your outfit has a key role in the selection of your earrings. Wondering how?

You are heading out for a wedding or family function. Here, you might be wearing suit, saree, lehenga, etc. With such traditional dresses, you can opt for traditional or women handmade earrings like jhumkas, cluster earrings, chandeliers, tassels, hoop earrings or chandbalis. On the other hand, if you are dressing up casually you can be more creative. Experiment your looks with versatile earring styles till you find the best one for your looks. You can go with studs, dangle earrings, drop earrings, clip on, and more.

You also need to consider your outfit’s neckline. Like if you are dressed up in a high neckline outfit, prefer wearing statement earrings. But if it’s low neckline, the studs would complement more your outfit.

Go with the best pair, be it casual or traditional, it should look elegant with your dressing.

2. Occasion

Whatever earrings you select ensure it is appropriate for the occasion you are going for.

Let’s say you are looking a pair for everyday wear, go with a simple hoop, stud, or minimal dangling style earrings. These will look casual as well as elegant at the same time. But for a business meet or to style up your office look, you need to select a sophisticated pair for your ears. Go for the studs or other minimal styles that look classy, and stylish; and should be appropriate for the occasion.

Here if you are going to a wedding, look for glamorous pieces that complete your ensemble or highlight your dress. So, to avoid any mismatching consider your occasion, destination, and outfit.

3. Mix and Match

If you are mixing and matching jewellery pieces, it is vital that your earrings should complement the other ornaments you are wearing. Everything should look complete and good together. It should not be that necklace is overpowering earrings or vice-versa.

When you are accessorizing with jewellery, never overdo it. Maintaining balance is the key. If you are going with the large earrings, keep the rest jewellery to a minimum. Wear a sleek necklace, or you can even go without it with heavy earrings. However, if it’s bold or statement necklace, go with simple earrings.

The key is to select the jewellery that does not overpower your outfit, instead it should complement it. Wearing everything bold can look overwhelmed and contrary to that if you wear everything delicate it can even break your look. Where you should take care that your jewellery should not overpower at the same time also take care not to mix and match pieces that go unnoticed.

Keep the above discussed tips in mind while selecting a pair of earrings for the next time. Be it casual or formal dress up, make your selection carefully and look stunning.

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