Beat the Cold While Staying In Style with Shawls

Beat the Cold While Staying In Style with Shawls

When winters approach, you start layering yourself up to keep you warm and cozy. But if you are thinking winters is the season that keeps your fashion styles a step away from you, then think over! Who says you can’t look stylish while keeping yourself warm in winters? It’s just choosing about right accessories and wearing them in the right manner.

Okay, what comes to your mind, or what is your idea of keeping yourself warm this winter? Probably by wearing caps, jackets, gloves. Right? How about adding woollen shawls in your dressings? Yes, you read it right. Let’s see how these thin and light-weighted shawls will keep you warm yet stylish.

Warm Wrap for Chilly Winters

You keep yourself protected from the extreme cold by wrapping yourself up in scarves, jackets, caps, gloves, and what not. These accessories are perfectly fine, but what about when you are going to attend a party, or specifically a traditional function? Here Pashmina or pure wool shawls will give you that required warmth without letting you compromise on your fashion or style.

Shawls come in numerous fabrics like – pure wool, cashmere, silk, pashmina, and more. Where the high-quality fabric keep you protected from the cold weather, the intricate embroidery on the shawls give you luxurious feel. Despite the embroidery, you will not feel any added weight. Thus, this warm accessory is extremely comfortable and perfect to wear during winters. Moreover, the exclusive fabric material used in these shawls is knitted so well that the designing and embroidery on the shawl won’t damage them. The highly durable material keeps them looking like new for extended periods and the nominal cost of the shawls makes them popular throughout the world.

When you drape it around yourself, it will perfectly complement your attire and will make you stand out in the gathering.

Different Styles to Drape Shawl

Do you already have a shawl or are planning to buy one and upgrade your winter wardrobe? We will help you with some amazing ways to style up your shawls. Here are some:

1. Poncho Style

Drape the shawl across your shoulders so that its ends come in front. You can close the opening with a fancy broach or cover the front gap completely with safety pins. Your shawl will look like ponchos and give you a stylish look. This style will keep you protected from the chilly winters.

2. Belt It

If you want to wear it with western outfit, then you can drape the shawl across shoulders and let it reach your elbows. Now tie it with a belt across your waist.

3. Tunic Top Style

Open the shawl and place it on one side of the shoulder. From length wise, the shawl should be of equal length at the front and back. Width wise, you can fold it to make it reach till your wrist. Now bring the back and front together from underneath your arm till your waist line and secure it with a pin. You can leave it as it is or can tie a belt around the waist to hide the pin and you are ready with a warm tunic top.

Summing Up

We know during winters you can’t give priority of staying in fashion over protecting yourself from the cold. But this winter the beautifully embroidered warm shawls will not let you keep your fashion at stake. Above we have discussed all about shawls and how to drape them around yourself to look elegant while keeping yourself warm. Get a beautiful shawl for yourself that will complement your dress and step out in style for your parties or functions in winters too.

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