Why Should You Invest In Coasters?

Why Should You Invest In Coasters?

Drink Coasters!!

Have you come across a beautiful set of tea coasters or some of your friends have suggested buying a drink coaster set for yourself? Now, are you wondering what the need to invest in it is?


Read on to know more why you should invest in coasters.

Role of Drink Coasters

Some guests have arrived and you serve drinks to them – water, juice, mocktail, cocktail, tea, coffee, etc. There can be some accidental spills or droplets on the glasses of cold beverages. After your guests leave, you might have noticed the formation of rings on the furniture where you have kept the glasses or cups. There can even be a puddle under that glass and thus water rings or rigid marks. You will definitely not like those undesired marks that can even damage your furniture too.

Sometimes there can even be situations where the glasses stay on the furniture for longer hours. There can be times when you forget to pick the glasses or cups from tables and these stay there overnight. In such cases, you can even notice discoloration of the surface while cleaning marks or there can be permanent stains.

In case of hot beverages, the heat can even cause damage to the furniture polish. Moreover, depending on the material of glasses or cups, these can even leave scratches on the table surface too. So, either you are serving a hot drink or cold, chances of damaging your furniture are there.

Here coasters will help you maintain the beauty of your furniture while keeping it protected from those stains or scratches. You can say these acts as a barrier between your table surfaces and stains from hot or cold beverages.

So, don’t you think going with a set of coaster would be a great idea to avoid any kind of damage?

Different type of Coasters

Do you know where drink coasters act as a protective shield; they can also be used for decorative purpose. These come in a number of materials and designs. You can go with your preferred choice or the ones that complement your furniture. Here are some from the versatile types:

1. Fabric or Woollen Coasters

If you are the one who likes tea coaster handmade or like a cozy table setting, then fabric or woollen coasters will be the perfect pick for you. Whether you want to create a casual or formal atmosphere, these will be flawless. The different shapes, bright and light shades of woolen coasters will complement your tea or glass sets and furniture perfectly.

2. Wooden Coasters

Nature lovers can go for wooden coasters to boost the dining experience. The timeless beauty of the coasters is ideal for rustic or traditional style furniture or décor.

3. Ceramic Coasters

Art lovers can go with ceramic coasters. These functional pieces will suit your taste. The artistic designs with lively colours will complement different decors.

4. Glass Coasters

If you like sophisticated things with a touch of modernity, then glass coasters are the right choice for you. The transparent coasters with minimalist designs not only complement your modern sets but are also easy to clean and maintain.

Now you must have understood the benefits of investing in drink coasters. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the above discussed coasters and various other types and get the one that you like or complements with your furniture sets.

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