Patka – Learning All About Sikh Head Cover

Patka – Learning All About Sikh Head Cover

Patka – a head covering in the Sikh culture holds a great importance. You can see this small piece of cloth on the heads of Sikh children. Moreover, some Sikh adults preferably the ones doing physical activities or some kinds of sports also wear it to cover their head. If you are eager to know more about Patka – Sikh head cover then this blog will give you complete knowledge about it.

What is Patka?

A small square or rectangular cloth piece used to cover the head is called patka. It comes in different colours, materials, and fabric. For an added security, some even get the one with strings. The strings are at each corner of the patka that makes it easier to tie it on the hair knot (Jura)

Why do Sikhs Wear Patka?

Sikhs don’t cut their hair (kesh). But managing the uncut volume and length of young boys or kids hair becomes difficult. So, to make the management of kid’s tricky hair easy, patka is worn or tied to keep the hair clean and tidy. School going young Sikh boys also prefer wearing it till the time they don’t become adults or start wearing Turban.

Some Sikh adults also prefer to wear it under their turban or sometimes at the bed time after taking the turban off their head. The Sardar sports person also prefers wearing it to keep their hair intact while practicing sports.

Types of Patka

Patkas are available in various types and sizes. One can get it as per their choice, liking, or preference. Some of the available types are:

Solid Coloured or Traditional Patka

The solid coloured patkas are more preferred among Sikh boys, especially the ones who prefer simplicity. These Patkas come in a set of colours like shades of Pink, Grey, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue and more. You can get it in robust cloth material like Rubia, cotton, etc. Buy it with strings or without as per your choice.

Printed Patkas

Though young boys and adults more likely buy solid coloured patkas, you can buy printed ones for your little ones. These come in a number of designs like Polka dots, floral, shimmery, and more. Explore the vibrant patterns, designs, and colours to add a personal touch while covering your kids hair with head cover - patka.

How to Wear Patka?

It doesn’t matter which type of patka you buy, its basic structure is same. But the tying style can vary as per your preference and comfort. But before tying the patka in any style, it is necessary to gather all the hair together and wrap them in the centre on top of your head in a knot called “Jura.” You can even secure the knot with a rubber band or can use a ribbon too. Now you are ready to wear or tie the Patka in any style.

Before moving on to the styles, lets first learn the common steps in all styles:

  • Line up one of the four long sides of the patka in the centre of the forehead of the kid or you can tie it a little below too.
  • After securely placing the rest of the patka on the head, bring the front two corners or strings behind the ears and tie the knot at the back of the head.
  • Pull the cloth under the knot to ensure that it is flat on the head. Ensure it is neither loose or nor too tight.

The above discussed steps are same in every style.

Different Styles to Wear Patka

Now let’s see where the difference lies in different styles.

Traditional Style

It is the most preferred style among Sikh kids and sports persons too. Here, from the remaining two corners, you take one corner or string and wrap it around the head knot (jura) diagonally. Now repeat the same with the remaining corner or string diagonally in another direction. You can wrap the strings several times around the head knot (Jura) and then secure it with a knot and tuck the remaining string inside the cloth fold.

Commando style

This is an adult style and not preferable on patka with strings. Not only commandos but some sports person also prefer this style. Here after covering the head and tying the knot at the back while taking the cloth from behind the ears, and leave the remaining two corners behind as it is.

Closing Words

Before you are ready to wear turban, patka holds cultural importance. So you need to handle it carefully and give proper care and attention to keep it well-maintained. Follow the proper instructions for washing fabric. Iron it and store it respectfully to tie it again.

Now you know everything about patka. So, buy the best one for yourself or your child and tie it beautifully to keep your hair secure and maintain your Sikh or Sardar appearance.

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