How to Style Your Outfit with a Phulkari Dupatta - Tips and Tricks?

How to Style Your Outfit with a Phulkari Dupatta - Tips and Tricks?

Phulkari Dupatta! If you are in love with the vibrant thread work, then you have every reason to add it to your wardrobe. Pair it with your kurta, suit, or blouse, the traditional Punjabi-style dupatta with vibrant embroidery can add style to your ensemble. Ready to explore how to get the most from this versatile dupatta by wearing it in different ways and becoming a style statement? Read on to learn how to create a trendsetting look with a phulkari dupatta every time.


How to Style Your Outfit with a Phulkari Dupatta?

Phulkari, the word itself explains its meaning. Phul means flower, and Kari means work, which means it contains flower or floral work. Along with floral work, the phulkari dupattas also contain numerous motifs and geometric shapes and patterns with bright colourful threads. Though the beautifully embroidered dupatta makes a great team with Punjabi suits, it’s not limited to only suits now. You can buy phulkari online and restyle it with different outfits. Here are some amazing and trending tips and tricks for you.


1. Classic Drape or Side Dupatta

When you buy Phulkari online to pair it with your Punjabi suit, try wearing it the most traditional way, i.e. carrying an opened dupatta on one of your shoulders or delicately donning it on both shoulders. Though the style is traditional, the vibrant hues and intricate embroidery give you an elegant look. If your phulkari has heavy embroidery, you can make the dupatta sit well by pinning it up. As it won’t slide now, carrying it will be comfortable for you.


2. Saree Style

How about adding a fusion to your dressing? Pair a crafted blouse with a matching skirt. Now get ready to mix and match traditional and contemporary styles. Start by draping the Phulkari on one of your shoulders and artfully across your body like you don (put on) a saree gracefully. Try it, you will surely like this essence of fashion. Don’t forget to complete your looks with stylish footwear.


3. Belted Wrap

Though Phulkari is a traditional style, you can make your looks trendy by wearing it in different styles. Try a blend of modernity with tradition by wrapping it around your shoulders and fastening it at your waist with a trendy and slim belt. It will keep the dupatta in place while completing your looks. Try it out by purchasing the beautifully embroidered phulkari and become a fashion statement among your friends.


4. Off-shoulder Cape

Wearing an off-shoulder dress and looking to add a fascinating blend to it? You can look effortlessly glamorous by adding a classy phulkari to it. Yes, you read it right, buy a beautifully designed Punjabi Phulkari Dupatta in Melbourne. Pick a light-weighted one and adorn it over your shoulders and fasten it with some trendy clips. Now let it cascade down as a cape. This traditional and contemporary mix will surely turn heads when you step into the party.


5. Neck Tie

You can even complete your Western outfit with a necktie or scarf. It will add a vibrant pop of colour to your ensemble. Just tie a knot of it loosely around your neck and it will create an artistic and playful vibe. Play with colours and textures to ensure a harmonious blend with the Phulkari Dupatta.


Summing Up

Don't be afraid to experiment and create your own unique fusion look that reflects your personal style and celebrates the beauty of both cultures. Above we have discussed some trendy styling options. Infuse your ensemble with these captivating styles and create an eye-catching look with the traditional Phulkari Dupatta. Try exploring boundless possibilities with this exquisite piece. Moreover, the phulkari work is not limited only to dupattas now; you can see phulkari designs on stoles, shawls, sarees, suits, blouses, kurtas, and even on Punjabi juttis. Try them as well!
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