7 Different Accessories to Add In Your Jewellery Box

7 Different Accessories to Add In Your Jewellery Box

Necklaces to earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc. a female has all sorts of jewellery pieces that complement their ensemble. But how do you keep them organised to select the one quickly for yourself while getting ready? Well, a jewellery box is the answer!

Do you also have one but wondering what different accessories you should add in a jewellery box? The answer is different for every female as every individual has their preferences. Keep reading to get your answer in this blog.

Different Accessories to Add in Jewellery Box

When it comes to jewellery pieces or accessories, every girl or woman's needs and choices are different. Some may like to have basic items like necklace, and earrings, while others may want pins, brooches, bracelets, studs, etc. in their collection. Here is the list with versatile items for you. Select the ones you want to have in your trendy jewellery box.

1. Earrings

You can have different styles of earrings in your jewellery box. If you like to go a minimalist style, then you can pick studs, else you can wear hoops, hangings, chandeliers, or other styles that you like. Moreover, if you have multiple piercings, you must not fall short of options, but don’t forget to keep them organised in the jewellery box.

Some even like to have a collection of handmade sets. So, you can go with handmade earrings to add variety into your collection. From pearl hoop to leaf hanging, thread earrings, you can have a variety of handmade designs.

2. Necklace

How can you forget about the one that highlights a female’s neck? We are talking about the necklace. Be it a pendant, single or multi-layered chain, it will uplift your looks. But you need to keep them stored safely in your jewellery box. If there are gems or stones in your necklace, then it becomes more important for you to keep them scratch-free. This can be done easily if you place them at designated slots in your box. It will also help you to select the one quickly that would suit appropriately with your particular outfit.

3. Brooch

Pins or brooches! Have you thought of adding them in your jewellery box? Not yet?

Well, these miniature pieces are often overlooked. Most of the girls or women hardly have one or two pieces. Why?

It’s because people don’t know how to wear it and consider these designer pieces as useless. But when worn appropriately it will easily grab the onlooker’s attention. You can wear it where you like. It can be on your shoulder, pocket, between the collar, more pieces around the neckline like a chain or waist of wrap skirt. You can even try it on your hat, scarf, sweater, cuff, and even in your hair.

Once you learn how you can wear it, you will be surprised to know how useful these versatile and small pieces of jewellery are. So, why not add brooches or designer pins in the jewellery boxes.

4. Rings

A ring is a perfect accessory that must have its place in the jewellery box. Whether you are planning to attend a day function or night, it adds a sparkle to your look. You can see a wedding or engagement ring in the fingers of the married or committed people.

Does that mean unmarried or non-committed females can’t have a good collection of rings? No, every female can wear them. From cocktail rings to the ones with birthstone, pearl, stackable, name, antique, princess-cut, etc., you can get various types of rings for yourself. Get the ones you like and keep them safe in the jewellery box.

5. Bracelets

A timeless bracelet is what every female wants to have in her collection. Go for the statement pieces that compliment any outfit when worn on your wrist. Be it a casual party or get-together with your friends, you can wear a bracelet anytime.

Doesn’t matter if you like wearing watches or not. You can wear a bracelet in your other hand or in place of watch for a more stylish look. These delicate and classy pieces will make your beautiful wrists look spectacular.

6. Bangles

If you are a bangle person, you must have a great collection. But only having different types of stylish bangles is not enough. You need to store them safely to keep them looking like new for years. So, how do you maintain your collection? By wrapping in different wraps, or maybe some other way? Well, it could be a nice idea. But when you need them, you need to open each wrap to find out which design would suit your outfit style.

How about storing them in a jewellery box? Yes, going this way will not keep the bangles safe, but also let you have a quick glance at all the bangles together. In this manner, you will be able to select the right one for yourself at the quickest.

7. Anklet

When dressing yourself up, why not let your ankles look beautiful too? These mini and stylish jewellery pieces can be easily stored in your jewellery boxes. This is necessary to prevent any tangling or breakage.

It’s your personal style, whether you want to wear anklets on both your ankles or on a single side. Some choose to wear it for fashion while others wear it as a protection from an evil eye. Well, the styles for both these anklets are different. If you are wearing it to style up yourself, then you must be having many pairs. The wiser action would be to keep them safe in a jewellery box.


You have a modest collection of accessories for yourself. It is necessary to keep it safe, secure, and clutter-free in your jewellery box. Just remember to have the right jewellery box with ample space and compartments to keep your accessories organised properly. As you keep different items in different compartments, these also stay untangled and undamaged. When in need, your collection will be easily accessible only if stored properly.

So, get a nice jewellery box for yourself. Add the accessories that you like in it to keep them entirely safe from any kind of damage or breakage.

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